Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beauty related hauls ♥

soo once again, im in hk for the summer (as usual ^^)
this means lots of shopping, eating, and sleeping! ♥

i seriously bought so much already in 2 weeks... im starting to lose track of what i bought..and a little worried about bringing all the stuff back to toronto!

1st i'll post up my beauty related hauls :)


1) Dolly Wink limited edition liquid eyeliner (Deep Black) - $105 HKD (~$13 CAD)
I LOVE this liquid liner! I was debating between this and the Heroine (another Japanese brand) liquid liner, but ended up buying this....and I'm so glad I did! It's a deep black as promised. It also has a fine felt tip, and lasts even in the humid HK weather!

2) Canmake melty nude lipstick (Peach Pink) - $78 HKD (~$10 CAD)

I have yet to try it, but I purchased this before in Beige Pink. Beige Pink was a little too nude on me, so I want to give this a try as Peach Pink is darker and more orange/pinkish. It goes on really creamy.

3) Canmake cream cheek blush (#12) - $68 HKD (~$8 CAD)

I can't figure out the name of this shade but it's a peachy color :) It's very creamy and glides on easily. Also very pigmented! It also comes in many other fun colors...should definitely check it out!

1) Palty hair dye (Raspberry Macaron) - $56 HKD ( ~$7 CAD)
I love Palty hair dye as it's very easy to use and actually shows up on my dark Asian hair. I always stock up so I can touch-up my hair color whenever I need to! This is like almost 1/2 the price in Canada! I have never tried this shade before..hope it turns out!

2) Hado Labo moisturizing toner - $99 HKD (~$12 CAD)
I actually saw this for $79-110 hkd. So I got kinda ripped off. There are lots of raves on how great this toner is at moisturizing. So far I think it's good, but not amazing. I think it's ~the same as my Neutrogena non-alcohol toner.

3) Skin79 Triple Functions BB Cream - $75 HKD (~$9 CAD)

I use this when I need higher coverage. I alternate this with my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.

4) Cosmagic Megaton Wing mascara (Black) - $?? (I forget)
I saw a blogger use this and was sold! However I'm actually kinda disappointed. It's an ok mascara, not amazing. Need several coats to get the lengthening and volumizing effects I want. I prefer my Maybelline Falsies mascara.

5) Aube (Sofina) eyeshadow palette (#551 - Brown) - $240 HKD (~$30 CAD)
I LOVE this eyeshadow palette! In fact, I went back to get one more the other day, but in pink :) Why? See picture below!

as you can see, it's so very easy to use! It's good for both makeup beginners and makeup gurus :)
I first saw this on a Japanese blog I follow. On top of everything, it's very shimmery AND pigmented!! I love it!


I know I don't really update this blog, but hopefully I'll update a bit more now that I'm on vacation and have more time and hauls :)
Have you guys used any of the products I bought?

ps. i hate using blogger! (another reason why I don't really update) ..the editor sucks :( how do you guys deal with it??