Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tarina Tarantino & Nicol's Giveaway

Wow I'm surprised I'm getting comments on my first blog entry! =]
As a thank you I'm posting up a swatch for the MAC Lady Gaga lipstick ...

It's a true light pink color..and actually the lasting power is pretty good too! I finally got the lipstick off my hand after lots of rubbing under the tap. The only down side is that the lipstick is a bit on the dry/matte side for a MAC lustre lipstick.


Btw..have you guys seen the new Tarina Tarantino line at Sephora yet? The packaging is cute with rhinestones and all, but I expected more from this line. Like cmon, I can stick rhinestones on my makeup pans below.. =P

As for the products themselves, I have no idea what they're like as I haven't even seen them in Canada yet. Sephora reviews gave most products pretty high ratings though! What do you guys think?
* Some of the products I liked... just looking at the pictures

haha pinkness overload *_*


btw Nicol has reached 200 followers (congrats ^^) and is doing a giveaway!

10 pairs of criss cross lashes ♥ (click above picture)
a girl can never have enough fake lashes yes? =P


  1. I love everything tarina tarantino. Her designs are amazing!! & the packaging for the line looks so pretty & of course, pink!

    Welcome to blogging! Im quite a newbie myself.

    Always happy to find another Canadian blogger :)
    Which province are you ffrom?

    Cant wait to read more posts.

    Jess Mai

  2. That's a very lovely sweater!!! I want one myself! But too pricey! Haha

  3. haha i love how you added rhinestones to your Hello Kitty lip conditioner. it looks even cuter after :D the only thing so far that caught my eye from the collection are the blushes. haven't had a chance to check out the rest of the collection! i guess you either love the pkg or hate it! :)


  4. I don't shop at Sephora (too poor, lol!), so I've never heard of TT! BUT... that line looks adorable. ♥

    I'm not a fan of Lady GaGa, but I tried that lipstick, and the color is gorgeous. And I know what you mean by the staying power.... holy cow ><!!